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Passport requirements for Spain

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I will have 2 months on my british passport before traveling to spain will this be enough??


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    Yes, for travel within the EU passports just need to be valid, not necessarily within 6 months of expiry.
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    Hi, Im traveling to Spain in September and it will expire in December - my passport is irish. I take it I'll be ok to travel?
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    looks like it-there is a lot of conflicting info out there-I am going to risk it following Davids Advice!! I will let you know if I am left crying into my beer at manchester airport xx
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    Your passport can NOT expire before or during your dates of travel.
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    Actually, for NON-EU residents Spain (and all EU countries) requires at least 90 days of passport validity, PAST the date of your departure from Spain. Spain also requires that you have blank pages in your passport - at least 2.

    With British passport - being EU resident - you should have no worries.
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