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Where is the best place to stay for the Calgary Stampede?

edited July 2010 in - Canada
My friend's son is a professional rodeo rider and so we've decided to plan a trip to the Calgary Stampede next year. None of us has ever been to Canada, can someone recommend a good place to stay in Calgary that's near to everything, but won't be too noisy?


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    I used to live in Calgary and you're in great luck! Calgary is a very welcoming city and for the most part very safe and friendly. I stayed by myself at the Delta Bow Valley South or I would go to the Holiday in on McLeod. Really, if you find any named hotels like Holiday in, Best Western etc. you will be in luck. Because it is the Stampede the city will be busy with tourists and it's a lot of fun! Even at night most areas are safe but just be smart and don't go alone.
    Hope you have fun!
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