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Tunisian Currency

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Hi there,
I am travelling to Tunisia in a couple of weeks with the family and I'm a bit confused about whether or not to take some money with me for the stay.

I've read in some posts that TND is not exchangeable outside Tunisia however I can buy them from my bank in Germany, and if I understand correctly from other posts if I have any TND left before getting back, I need to sell them there as they are not allowed outside the country - but the thing is, I can buy them in my bank??

So, what I am unsure is if it is worth buying the TND here in DE (in terms of exchange rate, currently 100 TND = 45 EURO) and do I really need to sell them there before departure?

Thanks for any hints,


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    As far as I am aware it is illegal to leave Tunisia with their currency. So much so the air side of the airport takes the pound and euro.

    Are you sure you can buy currency at your bank? In Britain there is no where you can buy the TND and I have been told this is due to Tunisia having a strict closed currency.

    Bellow are quotes from other sites.
    "Yep, it is indeed a closed currency, but the Goverment there sets the exchange rate on a daily basis, so there is no need to shop around looking for the best deal!"

    "You buy your currency in tunisia, it is a closed currency and you cannot buy it here. Once in airport you can change some sterling to local currency and your hotel should also do it . One word of warning though you are not supposed to currency back out again , if I remember correctly we were asked at airport by customs/security coming back thorugh if we had any currency, apparently they take it off you. So towards the end of your holiday only change the minimum you need.

    The government set the rate for the currency so no matter where you get it changed it is same rate, just take sterling with you."

    We are taking a cash passport with us which can be used as chip and pin or at the cash machine.

    Hope this helped xoxo
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    Hi - We are off to Tunisia (PEK) in a couple of weeks time. I've been before and took travellers cheques but have heard about pre paid travellers money cards. I know this might be a silly question, but if I take money out at an ATM in PEK will TD come out or will it be Euros/Sterling and then require changing at the bank? I'm just thinking that if I get a pre paid card and the ATM does in fact give out TD then that will be easier than going into the bank to exchange money? Has anyone experienced this before or have any advice? Many thanks in advance!
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    The ATM's will be filled with TD's.
    The pre pay cards are brilliant except you can't get a balance.
    Have a fab holiday, I'm away tomorrow.
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    Thanks so much - I'll definitely get one of them in that case! :) Have a great holiday!
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    Confused same as Jonas123 re money to take outand Lolypop 's comments were very welcome - where do you buy the pre-paid cards from?
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    Hi all, I don't know anything about pre-paid cards however, you should know that credit cards are not the norm here, cash is king but of course you can withdraw from ATMs with your cc. The best currencies to bring are USD, GBP or Euros. They can all easily be exchanged at hotels, banks and the post offices. If you are worried by having cash then make sure you have a key card with cirrus or maestro which will allow you to use ATM anywhere in the world. You can load it with money before you leave home and that way you won't be draining your account. You should check with your bank about any fees that you may be charged.
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