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Best places on West Coast

edited January 2009 in - USA
Besides the famous places to see in California what else is there on the West Coast? Where should one drive and stop?


  • starting from norther California it is always best to stay on Highway 1, its the most scenic road on the west coast and goes from california up into Oregon. The Oregon coastline is well worth the drive, the redwoods continue into southern Oregon and the coastline is reminiscent of Big Sur. Cannon Beach is the most popular place in northwest Oregon but the whole stretch has great terrain like sand dunes and quaint beach towns. Its very easily navigatable up north Oregon and then crossing into Washington at the very beautiful stop in Columbia River Gorge. Driving east along the river on the Oregon side is very beautiful but doesnt lead to much of anywhere. Along Washington the coastline has an incredible amount of islands in the north west that connect to each other by ferry that you can drive onto. Also the penninsula of Olympic State Park in the far west point is untouched rain forest. farther up you hit Canada.
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