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Need some advice on Tunisia

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hello im arranging to go back again to pek in the next few weeks and im wondering if anyone knows of any hotels or apartment that would allow me and my tunisian boyfriend to stay there as he works in pek as i do not want to offend or disrepect anyone while im there, i realise the time of my trip is during ramadan which of course would make things much harder than usuall as we have respect for both our relgions. can i also add in my recent trips we do not flaunt ourself like holding hand and kissing in public unless he grabs my if im wlkin towards a hole in the ground lol so any help and advice wld be a massive help ........thanks


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    fi123 - it will be much easier for your b/f to organise this. If he works in PEK then he will have contacts and will be able to do a deal on an apartment. Get him to do the work for you my dear!!
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    Hi I am coming to Tunisia, Hammamet at the end of August for 3 weeks... I have been learning some words in French but have read here the main language is Arabic, should I learn both or is just French ok?
    Also I am coming there to meet a wonderful man that I have been communicating with for sometime... is there any advice you can give me, I'm an Australian girl and I have never been out of my country...
    Thanks for your time..
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    Hi Ree - well, well, well!!! I'm an Aussie girl married to a Tunisian and living in Tunisia so welcome to another world. Firstly let me answer your questions: We use an Arabic dialect here mixed with a few French words, however, in Hammamet which is full of tourists and lots of Brits, you should have no problems using English.

    Wow - first time travelling! First thing you need to know is that you are coming right in the middle of Ramadan. The culture here is going to hit you with a big slap. Email me because I have a lot of advice for you. My email is as below.
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