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What are the best Airline ticket Search Engines?

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What are the best online search engines for cheap air tickets. There are so many now and many seem to connect to each other. Are they all the same? Are some better some better for some regions than others? Also, are smaller regional airlines often not listed on the search engines?


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    Welcome to a web of confusion on online air tickets. Here is some help. In general there are types of ticket search sites. The first lets you buy the tickets through the airlines. The second kind searches a list of the first kind for the cheapest price and then directs your purchace through the consequent site. The second is more enompassing and the most complete of these is, note you dont buy your ticket through kayak but rather the sites they direct you to.

    Another good one is which hosts all the airline information from These are the best because their searches are the biggest. However, they can still leave things out, namely, like you mentioned, regional budget airlines. For example Airasia isnt listed on Kayak and is often the cheapest airline for east asia. Ryanair and easyjest come up on the searches but sometimes show a lower price or more complete coverage on their own sites.

    It is worth researching what airlines will be in the region you will be in and searching their own sites for shorter flights. Besides that the differences of sites are on ease of use and different features. For example kayak offers the best deals for a few days before and after the specific dates chosen. Other sites such as will notify you when the best airfare becomes available or help you get a refund if the already bought ticket price drops.

    The major sites like are good fo package deals with hotels and car rentals. Check out Buzz on kayak's site for good deals month by month.
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    HI Asl 13

    technically all the search engines of cheap fare approx the same but you can get better output if you difine your search into two part. like - International flights or Domestic flights.

    If you are looking for international flights better you choose international search engine or for Domestci you should do your search from the domestic search engines who is specificaly work from the country and that will include all low cost flights too.
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    I like because it gives you routes and options before hitting you with prices so that means it slightly more objective, and a lot quicker that the slow loading sponsored flight aggregators.

    For European flight, check out - good prices, simply interface, reliable.
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    thanks DavidF
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    I thought that I tried it all but somehow it still does not make sense. I need to go from Europe (BUD) to Los Angeles (LAX) and from LA (LAX) to India (ATQ). All of the engines return the 3 way leg with around $5400 and up. Yet when I book 2 different RTs (4 legs) it comes out for around $2200 (-60%), for 25% more actual flight that is. CAn anybody help with a good hint how to handle multiple destination trips, also who are the budget carriers in India? Million thanks for any advice. Cheers, Gregory
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    Skyscanner is definitely the best of the bunch I reckon. I find that ebookers is pretty good too. We often find deals on ebookers that wouldn't even have access to as tour operators, so it's a very good starting point. Expedia tends to come out a little pricier than ebookers.

    Try this one too: It's really good for complicated Round the World itineraries and mulit-stop fares.

    In terms of budget carriers in India - there's IndiGo, Kingfisher, SpiceJet, and Jetlite.

    Hope that helps!
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    hello folks,
    good suggestion, i also want to suggest website to book air ticket from London is so easy as well as cheap. you just try once from UK to over all the world.
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    It really depends where you're flying. For domestic US flights, sites like Travelocity and Orbitz can offer really good deals, but for international routes a site like SkyScanner is a good starting point. One tip for finding cheap flights: find out which airlines fly to your destination, and check on their websites directly. I recently found an amazing fare between South Africa and the US on KLM's website, even though no other site listed it, and my travel agent hadn't known about it. In other words: comparison shop!
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    Sure its depend on where you want to fly. I got cheeper also when i had to go Istanbul in random. I have tried many more site's but available fare were too high price.
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    i always try first cause they have specials from all major air companies in the world
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    I buy my tickets from You just need to send them the flights details and some travel agencies will bid on your flight, for you to get lowest price..
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    At @OP yes booking airline tickets is one of the most confusing works because we don't know which one is better or not. But in recent past Crystal Travel a leading travel agents in London done a good job in winning the trust of people in booking of cheap flights online.
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    The one i know is makemytrip .com. It is the one from where i bok air ticket, it is one of the best service provider.
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    I have also use is good one.
  • For the cheapest airline deals, I only use Flight Fox when searching. Check this out thesmartbusinesstraveler . com /flight-fox/
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    It completely depend on where you want to fly from where. When you want to fly from London to all over world on google search engine one website provide you a cheapest option compare than other.
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    Mike thanks for your recommendation... A+
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    hello everyone, I am many time travel to uk to world wide travel but my best travel is is the best site and real price to provide tickets.
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    try this
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    For cheap air tickets try
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    I always use as I found them very reasonable and affordable. I got discount a well e.g Last time when I booked a ticket I got 10% cheap then other compared websites. I hope this will help you to get a cheap ticket.
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