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Ferries from Barcelona to Alcudia, Mallorca.

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I'm going to Spain in a few months, and i'm interested in taking a short side trip to Alcudia, from Barcelona. I was wondering if anyone has taken this ferry ride before, or if anyone would know ferry times and general prices? And if you've been to Alcudia, i'd love to hear your thoughts!


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    Check these websites:, or They do ferry trips from Barcelona to Palma, at the moment no service to Alcudia. Alcudia is a nice place but you should have in mind that it is quite now until April when the tourist season starts. Still you have plenty of things to do now: visit the old town, do a walk in the Puig de la Victoria, mountain bike or visit The Albufera natural park
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    I've Lived on Mallorca for 7 months and visited almost every part of the island. What i can tell you about Alcudia is that it is very touristic, so if you want to see the really beautiful side of Mallorca you should go more to the centre of the island where there is lots of culture, nice lokal markets, and lovely people. Another great thing to see in Mallorca are the mountains, and what lies behind those mountains... the wonderful non-touristic beaches where the water is still very bleu and clear, the touristic beaches are often dirty because of all the mess the toerists leave there... Another great city to visit is of course Palma, the capital of Mallorca, lots of shops, street theatre, and my favorite thing in palma is the huge olive tree in the middle of the centreplaza of palma, it's really worth seeing that tree :)
    If yo have more questions, please ask so, and I'll try to answer them :)
    Forgive my english, it isn't all that good.. :)
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    By the way, why dont you try to take a plane instead of the ferry. Air berlin has some good prices if you book in advance.
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    I have been to Alcudia on numerous occasions and love it. The beach is one of the best and goes for miles, it is also spotlessly clean and I would recommend a visit.
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    Hi whatever you do don't eat at the Himalayan Indian restaurant in Santa Ponsa. The cook was urinating in a can next to the stove and didn't even wash his hands. I spotted him by accident. They were also talking about the customers in English but they didn't realize I knew English. The dishes were not all that clean.
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    ive been to alcudia many times its still the best place ive ever been to in all my travels the beaches are the best ive seen would recomend it to anyone . The sea is warm and shallow and cristal clear .great for kids also port of alcudia is a nice too its only a few mins in a taxi it has a nice habour and good shopping and night life .
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    hi! i was wondering how many hours it would take with a boat from barcelona to somewhere near Alcudia?
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    I am traveling to Barcelona (maiden visit) from the 3rd to 6th June'09 in my company's conference. After the event we (group of 4-6 Pax) wish to take a exciting tour for 7 days around and would like to return back from Barcelona on 13/6/2009 morning. So we have 7 days and are all adult (35-40 years) would like to cover the maxm. with full excitement etc. Kindly suggest iternarary. Regards Sandeep Bhargava, India +919827030643
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    i will be studying spanish in Barcelona and i was thinking about going to Spear Fish in Alcudia... anyone know anything about that?
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