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Application for visa de sejour, advantages

edited August 2010 in - Tunisia
My wife possesess a US residency a (Green Card). Using a visa de sejour I was told she can avoid going thru the time consuming delays/ticketing lenghty mails etc. Visa de Sejour acts as a residential permit....We have ahome in Hammamet to utilize for long stays in Tunisia.....hvs


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    arab09 - you need to give me more information. What passport does she hold, doesn't matter about the green card. If your questions are in regard to travel to Tunisia then if she holds a UK or USA passport she can have 3 months visa free here. I am not sure whether you are talking about the carte de sejour or the carte d'identitie. If you are a Tunisian citizen then you can apply for your wife to have residency here. I'm sorry though - it won't save you from much of the bureacracy. I am a resident here and I must pay TD60.000 each time I travel out of Tunis. Give me some more information and I'll try my best to assist.
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