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The Dolphinarium in Hisaronu, Olu Denis Turkey

edited August 2010 in - Turkey
A new Dolphinarium was opened this Spring in Hisaronu, Turkey.
There has been a lot of protest before it was even built but it went ahead anyway.
Most people are aware that Dolphinariums raise concerns for the dolphins wellfair but this site if apalling.
There is 1 pool the size of a hotel pool with no holding tanks.
The dolphins were caught in the wild for the site.
The dolphins will be driven crazy due to the echo sounds they emit bouncing off the narrow pool walls and the music vibrations from all the nearby late night bars and clubs passing throught the earth.
e.coli,wiels disease,botulism,just to name a few have been found and many tour agents are still selling tickets to see them knowing that tourists(and dolphins) could be harmed or killed.

There is a facebook site "Free the Oludeniz dolphins" if you would like tmore information and to join the campaign.
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