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Fiji weather

edited January 2009 in - Pacific Islands
Has the bad weather in Fiji ceased or is it still flodded


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    I am arriving in Fiji on the 7th Feb at Nadi airport has the flood water gone or will their still be problems on these dates
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    I am going to Fiji in June, Is it good weather on that time?
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    Rain can be expected at any time of year but the driest months are April, May, June and October.
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    fiji is a great place to go the pepole there are fun and lovig even if there is a littel bad weather dont let it ruin you trip just remeber dont buy the fiji water you know the one that says fiji on it becaus each time somme one buys one it ruins there invierment and there cosiaty
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    Any passport holders of the Peoples Republic of China that have been to Fiji in 2010...did you need a Visa too?
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