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Visa for Azerbaijan for South African

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I'm a South African citizen and will travel to Azerbaijan for holiday, flying into Baku, beginning of September.

I have received many contradicting information re VISA requirements and would like to know if anyone does have the Consular contact details at the Heydar Aliyev airport in order for me to confirm the info. As per this website SA citizens can obtain the VISA on arrival at Baku airport.

According to the Azeri Travel Agent: Azerbaijan24, South Africa is excluded from the "VISA on arrival" and need to apply for the VISA in advance. They confirmed I will be deported on my arrival if I arrive without a VISA. (Maybe they are just after my money to get the Travel Voucher. But I want to be sure) A LOI/Travel voucher/Official document of purpose of travel is required for the Advance VISA. The travel agent are able to issue me this letter within 24 hours, but here in lies the problem. This application requires the name of the Embassy that will issue the VISA. South Africa do not have representation here in South Africa. I have contacted the Embassies in the UK,Swiss,Belgium,Netherlands,Turkey(Istanbul & Ankara) but they refuse issuing the VISA, as I am not a resident in one of these countries.

If the rule state I cant get the VISA at Baku Airport, and dont manage to find an Embassy that will issue me the VISA, where do I have to go to get the Azeri VISA?


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    Have you found out yet?

    I am also South African and cannot figure out how to get a visa for Azerbaijan and all the info you get on the interent is also confusing.

    Thank you!

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    I have travelled many times to Azerbaijan on a South African passport, you get the visa on arrival, but it is a weird set-up, you first go to immigration, get a stamp, then you go to the visa desk, you must have 2 colour passport photos, letter of invitation and $50, never mind patience and don't comment, then you go back to immigration with a hand written visa and then you can go through.
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    You should contact the embassy of Azerbaijan in South Africa. Iam sure they will help you out.

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    I had a fantastic holiday in Azerbaijan. I managed to apply for the Advance VISA. The VISA on arrival only allowed me a limited stay (4 days). I have send my Passport over to the Azer Embassy of Switzerland. Note: Time, money, patience and a little me what I needed.
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