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Declaration Fee Travelling from Ghana

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hi can sume one tell me if sume leaving ghana to the uk sume tell me what declaration fee note because the one i have sume leaving ghana must have £5000 pounds on the to show immigration can sume tell if this righr


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    so sume one get back to me about this declaration fee note is
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    Please I am wishing to know that if I have a British Citizens Passport and holder and was working in Ghana and born in the UK. But I have a friend born in Australia working in Ghana but with a British Citizens Passport who wants to arrive in the UK. They all the required paperwork in place, cleared now by Ghana Immigration and has just got the very expensive Naturalisation Papers approved and supplied.

    But my Question is now Is there also an EXIT FEE needed for me or my colleague to leave Ghana to travel back to the UK and how much is it then?

    My Question: Is this EXIT FEE not the same thing if built into the cost of a flight ticket then please...Could you advise me. Name withheld.

    [email protected]
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    Could you talk about all the details information of the "Declaration Fee Note" by the Government of Ghana, Ghana Immigration Service, Accra ?

    Cordially and sincerely yours
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    i was marred to my girl by her family she is in ghana does she need decalartion fee to leave ghana to come to the usa?
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    Dear Sirs:
    I'm writing fo0r myself(Gene Frey) and esther Owusu, She was my Christmas present and was suppose to be here Christmas night.
    I have sent money to help get her Visa, passport, and help getting her plane ticket.We plan on getting married, she agreed to marry me, but I wanted to propose to her in person on my knees and put ring on her finger. We love each other very much and want to be together forever.
    She has a place to live and I can support her. I just don't have the fee you want extra to get her here, if I had that kind of money extra I would send it . I was hoping you could see to for see the fee this time, so we can be together, We both pray everynight that we can be together.
    I hope you will conscider this request, so we can be together, In Gods name we ask this request and hope you can see fit to help us be united.
    In Gods Name, Thank You Sirs
    God Bless You
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    I know a Dipolmat that has a package coming to the states to be delivered and is asking for Declaration Fee of $4000. Is there a Declaration fee From Ghana or is this a scam? I really need to know before my friend decides to send money
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  • So I've sent money for ticket and visa saw visa look legit said she couldn't leave without Ebola exam she days tommrow but says immigration She thinks want let her fly unless she has 300 Dollars can someone help me please
  • chadouatonetwo, if you're smart enough to join and log onto this forum then surely you're also smart enough to Google the exit requirements for Ghana. You'll discover there is no mandatory $300 Ebola examination that's a requirement to leave Ghana.

    You're being scammed.

  • @chadouatonetwo Ghana never had any confirmed cases of Ebola.
    Terrys right, you are being scammed. There is no Ebola exam and I am sure there is no air ticket or visa either, you can wave bye bye to your money because your cyber cutie will not be travelling to see you, she will find excuses not to and just ask for more and more money.
    Your cyber cutie is a scammer and your a fool if you send any more money.
  • How long is a Ghana issued passport and visa good gor? My lady received her visa passport and Garnett she's from Australia when she was working on it and she wants to come to USA to be with me anyways you received it and I don't hear ago and she went to leave last week and he says that your visawas expired and I need to pay $4,000 declaration fee. No she said that she has to buy a new passport and Visa that cost $350 u.s. dollars which you received a password reset within a week. How long is a Visa good for and how long are those passwords using it for 4 years. Does any of this sound correct to you guys please help me explain or tell me if I'm being scammed ripped off let's get the deal is. I would greatly appreciate any information on this topic. Thanks In advance
  • @GDane1, I'm struggling to make out exactly what's going on but it sounds dodgy. So your lady friend from Australia is trying to travel to meet you in the USA and she is a national of Ghana? Visas are granted for a certain period at the discretion of the US embassy - the date of expiry is very clearly visible on the visa. I have never heard of a password being issued for anything visa related. If you mean how long is a passport from Ghana valid for then the answer is that a normal passport would be valid for five years from date of issue, or until the blank pages run out. How can she be living in Australia if she doesn't have a valid passport? It sounds like a scam.
  • @GDane1
    None of this sounds correct . I can state absolutely that you are being scammed.

    There is no such thing anywhere in the world as a Declaration Fee it is a con made up by scammers to get money out of gullible people. A declaration fee is also known by scammers as a Letter of Declaration.

    A Declaration Fee is similar to another scam known either as PTA or BTA ( Personal Travel Allowance or Basic Travel Allowance)

    There is no such thing as a "password reset" when applying for a Ghanaian passport
    look at the Ghanaian High Commission for the process of applying for a passport.
    Ghana has modern biometric passports just like the US,UK, Europe Australia etc etc they are valid for 5 years.
    Ghanaian passports must be applied for and collected in person like any passport.

    I suggest you get rid of "your lady" who is obviously a professional scammer unless you want to say goodbye to your money. This scammer is not in Australia she (if she is a she) is probably working for a professional gang of scammers in Ghana.

    I suggest you Google "Declaration Fee" and Ghanaian scammers and see for your self

  • Ditto Alethia. You're being scammed.

  • I'm sorry let me explain better she is an Australian National but she was living in Germany and she was working there and now she's not working there and she went down and got a new passport and Visa like 9-10 months ago and Ghana and she want to leave two weeks ago from Ghana to USA and I told her that she needs to buy a new visa and passport. When are usually about the passport for her and go now we got it within a week you would like crap and done whatever you call it if it cost 3:50 for passport and Visa does that sound right as far as how much it cost and also we try to charge you a $4,000 fee I think they call the decorations they wanted her to give them for a gram for what you guys are supposed to get back to her for she'd be able to support yourself or in the US but you have to worry about that she has me. Any help would be greatly appreciated with my problems to my questions I'm just trying to get her to us and I want to be with her and it just really sucks. Thanks, Dane
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    You are being scammed, why would an Australian citizen go to Ghana to get a new passport?
    an Australian passport cost $250 .

    An Australian citizen does not need a visa for the USA . Australians are given 6 months automatically upon arrival in the USA via the ESTA programme.

    There is no such thing as a declaration fee and visas dont cost $4000. You have probably never met this woman in the real world , only on line

    Your girlfriend is a scammer you just dont want to believe it.
  • Dane, you're being taken to the cleaners. Nothing what you've posted makes any sense whatsoever.

  • Hello there to whom it may concern I am asking for your advice and help my girlfriend future wife lives in Ghana I sent her money to take care of the passport and Visa and she's going to come here to the United States and then I sent her money to get the ticket when she went to purchase the ticket they told her that she needs to pay $4,000 cash for declaration fee I have never heard of anything like this right then I told her it was a scam could you please help me and tell me to tell her what to do so she can come here to the United States and we can live happily ever after thank you very much for your help
  • @bwil101
    Your "future wife" is a scammer. The airport travel agent and airlines are not scamming your girlfriend
    She is scamming you ! There is no such thing as a declaration fee otherwise known as a BTA (Basic Travel Allowance) or a PTA (Personal Travel Allowance) all designed to steal money from peope like you.
    You can verify this by Googling Declaration fee Ghana. Or even read all the posts on this thread.
    Do you know how hard it is to obtain a fiancee visa for the USA ( the only way you can marry her in the US) It takes months and you would need to file paperwork.
    Your future wife is not coming to the USA does not love you and only wants your money.
    Cut your losses and dump her .
  • @bwil101

    Read the thread.

    You're being 100% scammed.

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