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How much will I spend in 2 weeks in Side for a couple?

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I am going to Side in September with my partner and was wondering how much money we will need. We are staying in a self catering apartment so will be eating breakfast and lunch there. We will want to go for drinks most nights and have dinner out every night. How much do you think we will need to take with us?


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    A difficult question to answer. A lot depends on what you intend doing as well - excursions, car hire etc. Food in Turkey is generally cheaper than the UK etc. So a trip to the nearest large supermarket to stock up will certainly help you "save" money. I usually find its things like "incidental" drinks that really add up on holiday. So having tea, coffee and juices or minerals in your apartment fridge will help with this. A meal out can cost anything from a few lira to a hundred lira depending where you eat. Generally the restaurants aimed at tourists are more expensive. My husband and I had a delicious meal out a few nights ago - we both had main course which came with salad, bread etc and we had a couple of beers and a couple of glasses of wine and the bill came to 27lira - this was in a Turkish restaurant. The same in a tourist place would have cost that each plus the drinks! So it's quite tricky to give you a figure.

    A lot of fish restaurants sell the fish by weight so check the price before you order.

    Bread is around 1 lira a loaf, a litre carton of juice between 1.5 and 2 lira, milk 1.5 lira a 1litre carton. Meat is quite pricey except chicken!! Find out when the local market (pazar) is and go to stock up on the most wonderful fruit, salad and veg. There's always stalls selling eggs, cheese, herbs and spices - usually theres a fish stall as well. For around 20 lira you'll have more than enough for 2 of you for a week. Buy your water in 5 litre bottles from the supermarket.

    As a couple living in Turkey and not eating out every night we spend around 100 lira (40 lira) a week on food at the supermarket plus a little extra at market and on bread each day.

    Sorry not to be more specific but it's quite a difficult call.

    As a rule a beer (Efes the local beer is very palatable :o)) costs around 5 lira where ever you buy it - restaurant or bar.

    Also change your money in Turkey - always a better exchange rate but avoid changing at your hotel/apartment as the rate here is always poor. Travellers cheques are a nightmare - difficult to find somewhere to change them and there's often a commission charge and again the rate is poorer. A lot of places accept Euro but the Turkish lira is obviously accepted everywhere.

    Bring either a credit card or yuor ATM card in case of emergencies or must have purchases.
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    Thanks clarecg, we wont we hiring a car but will probably go on 2 or 3 excursions while we are away.

    Is it easy to distinguish between the 'local' restaurants and those that are for tourists? I hate eating in touristy restaurants while I'm away as I just question the point in traveling to a foreign country to have Heinz baked beans!! :)

    Thanks for the price of beer, my partner will be very happy to hear that it is not too expensive as we have had some people saying that alcohol is very expensive in Turkey, sometimes being more expensive than in the UK. Would you say that this is true?
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    You'll be able to tell the local restaurants as there will mainly be locals in there and the tourist restaurants advertise English breakfast and Sunday Roast LOL - just look at the menus and if you don't like whats on there don't be afraid to walk out. Generally as well local restaurants don't hassle (or not as much) either. Also the cheaper restaurants are a street or 2 back from the main area or sea front. I used to eat cheap then go and enjoy a drink or 2 afterwards at the more expensive places and maybe a dessert! That way you get the best of both worlds.

    Ooooh if you are partial to a particular brand of tea bag bring them with you!! Generally the only ones available here that are remotely like English ones a Liptons Yellow label but do try the Turkish Teas - cay (pronounced chai) and there's a fabulous choice of green, fruit and herbal teas. Nescafe is available everywhere but the Turkish brand Monarch is very similar.

    Alcohol isn't cheap here as it's quite heavily taxed - particularly imported drinks. So stick to local brew and you'll be fine! There's plenty to choose from and the advantage of being S/C is that you can have a few beers and a bottle of wine in the fridge and enjoy a sundowner on your balcony. If you are partial to a particular spirit I'd suggest treating yourself to a bottle or 2 from duty free! I find the local spirits perfectly acceptable - a good tip is to buy a good mixer e.g Cola or Schwepps to go with them then they're fine.

    Excursions - book in town through the local guys rather than your travel rep - same trip and nearly half the price. Reps do try and frighten you sayinf you're not insured etc but why on earth have you got holiday insurance if it doesn't cover you on excursions?!! At the moment due to an unfortunate accident I'd say avoid the para sailing.
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    Hi I'm trying to decide where to go in Turkey with my friend for a week in September. We really like the look of Side but just wondering what is the nightlife like there? Are there plenty of bars and is it quite lively? We are 35 and 25 and don't want somewhere like Marmaris but would like to enjoy ourselves in the evening.

    Also could you recommend any excursions and good self catering apartments?

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    Side is beautiful - an excellent choice!!!

    Unfortunately I live the other side of Antalya so really don't know the bars etc individually, but it is popular with backpackers and has a kind of "hippy" feel to the place. There are bars and quite a lot to do! Best of both worlds I reckon - culture, relaxed but decent night life and as you're not looking for banging clubs could be for you. i'd say a humming rather than a thumping resort!

    Depends on what you like doing but have a trip into Antalya city centre for a good shop! Visit Aspendos and Perge - 2 ancient sites, Perge is still a work in progress and all contributions are gratefully recieved towards this work. A boat trip is always worth doing.

    Sorry don't know of any self catering apartments as I never have to stay in any!!! But it may be wort checking out Trip Advisor - they rate the accomodation on tourists ratings so it's from people that have stayed there so usually britally honest!!!
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    Hi Caro,

    I am staying in the Cats Garden Apartments, they are cheap and tehy have fairly good reviews on Tripadvisor.

    When in September are you looking to go? Maybe we can get some happening nightlife going between us!! :)
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