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Richard Davis or Ralph Jenkins

edited August 2010 in World Wide
This man is a true fraud, he confessed whom he really was. I guess he thought I would take pity on a con artist, I gave him false addresses and everything from the beginning. I asked him how could he take $$ from innocent people.I told him he was a sick individual....But the man that he is portraying to be is definitely not the man that he is. He look like he was born from an ape, he is not a Jamaican that he is claiming to be. He is posting pictures that he thinks American women want to see. A fine exotic looking man with an international look. Something that he would and could never look like. His name is not Richard Davis or Ralph Jenkins it is Abisoye Totoyi, which means he is a real African man, a Nigerian. He deserves anything he get, he takes advantage of women, that he thinks have money. He is a Bum...I explained to him, this is why people in Africa can't get ahead because of the games and scams they play...For real though, he is so ugly, I honestly can't blame him for trying to be some one else. He is a Blue Black with a polish shine, high cheek bones and low hair cut. His eyes look like they are going to pop out of his head.
This is the only pity I will bring on a scam artist, that is to bring him out....Any man or woman that ask for money DON'T DO IT....I am so glad I didn't. Those people are sick...But anyway on my way to London....LOL LOL
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