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Traveling to DRC via Rwanda

What documentation needed for DRC (Passport/Visum)? The visit will be in Dec. I know to enter Rwanda South Africans are not requiered to have a visum. But I am visiting my husband in Goma and would therefore have to be in position of a Visum to enter the DRC. Can any body assist me with Info.


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    I am John Katumba a Tour leader in DR CONGO ; I would like to help Sonet to her question about Visa , he can contact our office in Kinshasa , and we can send her a letter of invitation , this will help her to get a visa easily
    the following links could help you and any one asking for DRCongo visa thank
    Contact :Immeuble photo guy - Magasin 1597-40 - Boulevard du 30 juin / Kinshasa Gombe RDC T
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