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Tips on traveling through Mexico and South America by Motorcyle

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March of 2011 my friend Justin and me will begin our journey through the states. We will be driving our motorcycles through parts of North America until the end of the summer. Around August/September we will begin our trip through mexico and as far south as Argentina. We will be traveling by motorcycles, packed with camping gear and essentials. We are a little concerned about Mexico and South america. We have heard good but mostly bad things of traveling through these areas. We speak some spanish and have both been to tourist areas of Mexico but have no experience in other parts of Mexico. Does anyone have any advice or must see events, landmarks, good roads? Any advice is appreciated.


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    Mexico City (DF) is not very safe in most parts. I have found that the smaller towns and outside of major cities in Mexico are usually pretty friendly and generally safer than big cities. Cuernavaca, Morelos is a cool city. Historic but casual. About two hours south of Mexico city and pretty safe for a relaxed night or two. Puebla(to the west I believe of DF), Oaxaca( to the south of morelos and DF), are both cool states. Very artsy. If you go all the way to the coast a great hippie town is Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (the Mexican Pipeline, tope ten surfing beach in the world.) It is a surf town with a lot of internationals. Hippy vibe. Cheap stay for about 15 a night for a hut near the beach. Very tiny but has an international surf tournament in November and a boogie board competition in August. If you can make it to the coast line of chile it is beautiful too. Beaches on one side and the andes on the other. People are very generous and hospitable. No safety issues I am aware of. I went form one end to the other by myself and never had an issue. August is near the end of their winter months so if you hit chile closer to september you may be better off if on bikes to have the spring beginning. Vin del Mar and Valapairaso(SP) are great coast towns in chile. If you hit off season the stays are pretty cheap there too. Hope this gives you some ideas.
  • To add to what Lisa said, I'd say you have to stop off at San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas. This is a really cool Zapatista town with a nice feel to it. From there you can visit the Chamula villages or the crocodile-laden Sumidero Canyon, the first being highly recommended, the second is awesome too but a bit touristy.
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