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British passport

I am a South African citizen by birth and aquired a British passport through my parents whilst living in South Africa.
I left South Africa using my British passport in 2006 and now wish to visit South Africa in the near future.
I now understand that being a South African citizen i cant travell to South Africa on my British passport but must get a South african passport before i will be allowed into the country.
I did not renounce my South African citizenship when i aquired my British passport as i understood that this would be automatic when aquiring the British passport.
Can anyone please advise regarding the legal requirements of persons such as myself when wishing to travell to South africa ?.
i must point out that i was over the age 0f 21 when i aquired my British passport.
Look forward to good advice !


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    Hi - i have been in the same position and there are two options as I see it: 1. Apply for the South African passport in London where i presume you are. It takes a max of 5 weeks from start to finish to get the doc. Then enter and leave RSA on that passport. 2. Simply enter and leave on your UK passport as a British tourist.
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