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Passport validity during cruise

I will be on a cruise that stops in Athens, Tel Aviv, Italy, etc. My passport will still be valid for approx one month after the start of the 2 week cruise. Is this likely to be a problem?


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    Hi there Robertvanorn , did anyone ever answer your question about passport requirements for Israel during a cruise stop? I am thinking of going on a cruise that stops at Haifa and Ashdod in Israel ,as well as Alexandria in Egypt, and I will have 5 months and 1 week left on my passport. The tourist website says UK passport holders need 6 months on their passports to visit Israel but does not give info for cruise stops. Does anyone know if this will cause problems for me? Please reply as soon as possible. Many thanks.
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    I'm having a holiday in Rhodes 6th to 20th June 2011. My current 10yr passport expires 16/10/2011. Is there still enough validity left on my passport at the end of my holiday. Or do I need to renew it before I depart.
    Thank You
    katie s
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    Hi there, please help . i am a Polish citizen living in the Uk . my passort runs out at the end of aug 2011, i have tried to book my hols to greece for june and i have been told that i need to have atleast 3months on my passport , Polish embassy in London saying that i can use my passport till the last day withing the EU. can you help please . is there any website i can check that and prove it to the travel agent ?
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    You need to check with your travel company or Embassies of the countries you are visiting as most countries require 3-6 months validity left on your passport when you arrive. Cruise regulations are different i think as you are only visiting for one or two days max.
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