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Transport and Etiquette in Tunisia

edited August 2010 in - Tunisia
Hi!! I want to know more about tunisia: are there any taxis and how are they charged... and about talking to a female in a public place for the first time without knowing her... how do I approach her for friendship?


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    Vicky - taxis along with louages are our main mode of transport. they are cheap and plentiful. Exactly what do you mean by approaching a female for friendship.
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    Thanks Lesley ,I mean friendship mean to talk to them,in coffee shop and streets ,asking for a cup of coffee.Like I have seen in other arab countries female they hardly talk to anyone on streets and in public to a foreigner and the local people they intervene with them
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    Vicky, are you female? The women here would certainly not talk to a foreign man in the street. Even though we are quite liberal here it would be a rarity for you to meet females in public. If you are only coming on a vacation then it can be even more difficult
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    Thanks once again for your help ,I am business man ,Certaining i am coming on vacation cum work as I am into pharmaceutical business
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