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Visa or passport for Japan?

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I am a U.S. resident with an alien card, do I need a separate visa to enter Japan.
I carry a St. Vincent & Grenadines passport.


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    Hi. It depends on what you're coming to Japan to do. If you're on vacation then I don't think you need to get visa but please check here - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. If you're coming to work then yes, I believe you will need to arrange a visa. If in any doubt though please check at the link above or ask at the Japanese Embassy where you live.
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    heyy, so i'm planning on moving to japan to be with my fiance. he is in the military. i was wondering about the passports and visas and all of that good stuff....could you possibly give me any information i need for all of this...i'm sooooo lost. i know the whole 90 days no visa is required but like...i may go for a little while and return to the states for a little while and ship stuff over there, but if i change my mind then would i be able to do the whole visa at the american embassy...even if i'm on a military base?! uggghhhh!!! HELP!!
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