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Currency for Tunisia

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When travelling to Tunisia from the UK, what currency should we take? Travellers cheques, sterling, dinars?


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    You will not be able to get Dinars (TND) outside of Tunisia as it is a "closed currency" meaning it cannot be traded outside of that country.
    There have been instances where travel companies (TC, Thomson) have offered closed currencies but at very poor exchange rates (currently approx 2.3TND to 1GBP) so better to wait until you get to the airport where there should be a Bureau de Change and maybe an ATM.
    You should take Sterling in very good condition (no tears or ink marks) and only current notes should be taken; not "Elgar" notes.
    Not sure about travellers cheques lately but in Morocco these are extremely difficult to trade. I usually take additional cash (Sterling) but only for emergencies.
    You can use ATM's to acquire cash, obviously only Tunisian currency will be dispensed but do notify your card issuer that you may use the card there as it may be blocked otherwise if they suspect fraudulent activity.
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    Whoops! what happened to my inverted commas on closed currency and Elgar?
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    Mary - John's advice is correct, but to be honest with you travellers cheques are a problem here. they are difficult to exchange and can only be done at the larger banks. You can use ATM but be aware of the fees that your bank may charge for this transfer. My advice is to bring either Euro or Sterling and change here. For the most part the ex rate is fixed so you will get the same whether you change in a bank, hotel, post office etc. There are 2 ATM in the airport at Tunis and quite a few banks along with an Amex exchange bureau. So, you have lots of options.
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    In Tunisia, You use dinars or credit card.
    the most banks in Tunisia change money To Tunisian dinars and also in the airport upon your arrival.
    You are welcome
    Dorsaf CHERIF
    Tel: +216 72 280 860
    Fax: +216 72 283 120
    E-mail: [email protected]
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    Hi Lesly, had some problems getting back onto the forum, but it ok now, email is [email protected] would love some Aussie support.
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    Hey plaidiegirl - I got your email and I have just sent you a reply.
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    I was recently supposed to be travelling to Turkey but my holiday was cancelled - Holidays 4 U farce. Unfortunatley, I'd already changed my cash into turkish lira.
    I have now booked to go to Tunisia - does anyone know if I can change my Turkish Lira into Tunisian Dinar when I get there?
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    Hi i have also been let down by holidays 4 u and have also booked tunisia last minute!
    We exchanged our currency back into sterling and they didnt charge any commission due to the circumstances with m and s they were brilliant and apparently sterling is liked in tunisia !
    Hope u have a great holiday like us feeling very let down.
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