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What weather can i expect travelling to Bulgaria 17thSpt for 2 week??

Hi, Can anyone please let me know what kind of weather/temps i can expect when i travel to Bulgaria 17th Sept for 2 weeks?
Im worried that its not going to be ''beach'' weather, i really wouldn't mind it being cooler in the evening.. its the day time weather im worried about. Will it be hot enough to sunbathe?

Me and my boyfriend are going to be staying in the club hotel Miramar in Ozbor. Has anyone been? We have heard that the food is a bit dodgy. Im not a fussy eater so im wondering if people who are complaining are fussy!

Thank You
Alex X


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    Hi there :)

    I am next door to Bulgaria , R.Macedonia.. Sept is still very hot this side of the balkans - you guys will surely get some " beach weather " ! :) today (18 august) we are sitting with 45 C and up sometimes! , I would think it might be a little cooler by then , but still hot! , regarding food - if you dont like/want the hotel food , look for local restaurants or take away shops - they will have things like " shwarma, burek , dolma, ham/cheese pastries " etc - also now that its in the summer season this side , alot of veggies will be served per platter ( cucumber , tamato , union , ) and well , Feta cheese is on most foods this side..

    You will enjoy stay in Bulgaria alot im sure! :)

    Hope this helps

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