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Viator tour at Sofia's Place for a cooking class

Viator is listing a cooking class at Sofia's Place in Athens. Has anyone used Viator and if so, what was your experience? Also, I could not find a listing for Sofia's Place in Athens. Do you think this is legitimate? I am planning on being in Athens in September and was really interested in this 3 hour class.


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    This is Loryanna from Viator, Inc.

    I just wanted to offer you the little I could tell you about the Greek Cooking Lesson tour that you were interested in. I found the address for the restaurant where the tour is located, if you would like to look it up. It is:

    Valaoritou 15, Athens, Greece

    The tour that you happen to be looking at is one of our newer offerings from that Tour Operator, which is why we don't have any customer reviews yet. That particular Tour Operator (Keytours) does quite a few tours with us, however, and they have gotten some very good reviews from our customers.

    Without linking you to it, if you want to see some of the other tours that Keytours offers through us, you can type in the first four digits of their product code (2876) into our Search box on the upper left hand side of our website. Any tour that they offer will show up, and you can see what we sell for them.

    I hope all of this information helps, I know it's a lot, but with having no reviews for that tour, I wanted to give you some places to start to research into us! Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you!
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