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car rental, Pisa

edited January 2009 in - Italy
Can someone tell me if we are we getting ripped? I began to rent a car in Pisa at the end of March. I got a good rate for three days, $45USD but the additional taxes fees and etc. came to $86. The fees are two times the actual rental! This seems extraordinary.
Thank you!


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    you should explicit what they mean with "additional taxes fees and etc."

    $45 USD is a cheap rate; you should consider that here in Italy we have a 20% tax....
    probably the rest of the money are for an insurance and for the full of gasoline.
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    Just got back from Italy and rented car with friends....... it is incredibly expensive! Also the rental company might not let you travel into Rome itself. The autostrade is wonderful! Off the highways, though, it can get confusing quickly! You will need someone with good map skills riding shotgun! On the other hand there are lots of trains and buses running frequently. It might be easier using public transport. You won't have to worry about parking, insurance and bad directions
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