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best resort in Tunisia

edited August 2010 in - Tunisia
Hi I'm thinking of booking a week in tunisia in november can anyone reccomend the best area to stay and what the nightlife is like. Also any ideas on the temprature at that time of the year. Thanks in advance for any info given.


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    It depends what you want from your holiday as to the recommendations. Probably the nicest area is Yasmine Hammamet which is a purpose built tourist resort area. You can easily get to the other cities from there. Nightlife - hmmm, well it's not like in European countries. There are discos, restaurants, bars etc etc. Most of the hotels have in house entertainment. November is cooler here as it is Autumn but the days are still mild to warm but the nights are a little cooler. It's a good time to come as the heat of summer has left and it's easier to travel around.

    I hope you decide to come
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