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Working/holiday in Canada

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Hey all, ive recently been thinking about travelling abroad. I've spoken to quite a few people in my trade about doing so, i am a qualified chef, i've also got my bar license and some experience. At first i was unsure of where i would travel, but im almost settled on Canada. I've seen companies advertising in working at "summer camps" and "winter ski season", I was thinking that perhaps i could go over for next summer 2011, and stay for the winter doing chefing.

If anyone has any experiences that may give me insight or help that would be great, any good companies/agencies? Places to go? What i would be expecting to earn? Any and all information is welcomed thanks!


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    hi Aaron im in a same situation bru but can u help me as well if u can
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    Hi Aaron! As a former immigrant to Canada and a Canadian citizen, I can advise you one thing, don;t go to Canada. Chefs are not valued as in European and other countries. Salaries are not that good and yet, prices are rocket high. Canada is really overpriced. Food, public transportation, alcohol, entertainment, museums, etc. are times more expensive in comparison to Spain, Austria, France. The climate on the other hand is terrible. If you want a great summer, go to Spain. If you want to work in a winter ski resort, France, Switzerland and Austria are much better options.
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    That's crazy. Don't listen to that. I lived in Vancouver for a year and it was one of my best years abroad yet. yeah that guy is right with wage but they usually male up for it in tips. so make sure you get a job where the kitchen have a share of tips. Next I suggest you do your serving it right certificate as it is really easy to get and opens more doors. I secured a job before I left through usual job hunting style, Internet search, loads of emails and a dew calls bit definitely worth it. Then used an agency to get a visa etc, used Bunac, not really life changing but made visa life a lot easier. Canada is a beautiful country and Vancouver offers more then any other location I've seen so far. So go for it and love it. just do the leg work early. Hope that helps
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    I was thinking of health care support jobs in Canada. Though I have a degree in IR getting jobs in that sector is not so easy.

    So I am relying on healthcare support job for a start abroad.
    Anyone knows if Canada have healthcare support role in their hospital?

    I really want to move out of Europe for a while
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    I have visited to Canada for holidays, because my aunt is from Vancouver. I was there for summer vacations, but as Osceola said the climate over there is really not good. We have better options than Canada for summer visit. Actually, Vancouver and Toronto are beautiful cities with full of attractions. I think, Winter and Fall season will be the best season to visit it.
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    Man i have good suggestion for every one that if u wanna work u have job every where, no job any where for lazy person.
  • i m pakistani but now working in libya,is it pssoible that i can get a visit visa of canada from libya and how much money i need for that.

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    of the best place to visit in Canada is the Niagara Falls, which is
    located at the US-Canada border. This  is made up of two set of cascades
    and the larger one is located in Canada. It is also called as the
    Horseshoe which attracts more than thousand of  people each day.

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