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Weather in Barbados in late October to early November

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i want to go to barbados around the 25 of october for 2 weeks to get married, i have looked at the predicted weather for this time of year and its says that it has about 6inches of rain fall.Would this be constant rain or sharp showers here and there i dont want go if it is rain everyday.


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    It usually doesnt rain constantly. Thought it is incrediably hit and miss. I was in Barbados from 01nov-17nov and the first week was good, then it rained quite a bit the last week.
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    I visited Barbados from 10 Oct till 24 Oct. We had rain every other day which lasted most of the day. The humidity was horrible. I returned to Barbados the 20th of Nov and had 2 weeks of sunshine and the humidity was much less.

    Hope that helps.
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    Was in Barbados day after Thanksgiving to Dec 6. Weather was gorgeous. Bursts of showers sometimes but nothing to ruin the wedding we were guests at the Orchid Gardens.
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