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Russian Visa requirements for US citizen

edited August 2010 in - Eastern Europe
I live in US and posses both US passport and HonHong SAR passport. Do I need a visa to visit Russia ?


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    If you have HK passport, you are allowed to visit Russia without visa during 14 days.
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    I reside in the USA and before my marriage to an American citizen I was a citizen of Russia. I am now a United States Citizen with a valid passport and wish to travel to St. Petersburg Russia to visit my mother for 90 days. What requirements for travel must I comply with?
  • Tanya,
    What year did you emigrate from Russia? It depends when you emigrated and whether you are considered by authorities to be Russian citizens. You can get 90-day business visa to visit your relatives. If you have any questions ,please let me know.
    Mi pomozhem.
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