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Snow conditions in Meribel

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Hi - I know there was great snow in December but can you update me on the current snow conditions in Meribel, and is there more snow due?
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    Meribel currently has some of the best snow conditions we've had for ages. We got another 25cm of snow in Meribel on Tuesday morning and this morning I woke up to still more. Meribel is looking wonderful, with roof and trees covered in snow. The only thing to note is that the avalanche risk is high with a hard base and new dump and warmer weather. Dont go off piste without a guide.... hope this is helpful.
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    Just got back from Meribel. Snow conditions still amazing, there was a big dump of snow a few days ago and the very cold weather has ensured that the powder is still good where it has not been skied out. Off piste is excellent. And the slopes didnt seem too crowded bearing in mind its uk half term week.
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