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Game fishing in Mozambique

Hi - I am researching a fishing holiday. I have been to the Seychelles before but someone suggested going fishing in Mozambique, apparantly its fantastic. Has anyone been there? Whats the fishing like? Can anyone recommend some good places to go and when the best time of year to go? I gather the Quirimbas Archipelago in the north is wonderful but is may be a nightmare to get to? Any advice would be great. M
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    Hi! We recently went to Vamizi -a group of us sailed down the coast from Kenya to Mozambique on a fishing holiday. The fishing in Mozambique surpassed anywhere else down the coast- we tagged and released 14 sailfish on one day, caught 2 marlin the next as well as wahoo, giant trevally, dorado and seriously good tuna. We stayed at Vamizi Island Lodge- a remote and beautiful desert island retreat- sheer luxury after a long day on the water! You should check it out- Cheers, and tight lines!
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    I've fished at Bazaruto where there are lots of lodges and fishing camps. Really good fishing. Still unspoiled. Not that many big game fish left, but lots of eating fish and easy to catch.
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    Moz has been scraped clean by chinese trawlers - seriously - you're lucky if you get anything decent out there!
    Suggest Madagascar instead ... I grew up in KwaZuluNatal - next door to Moz, so I kinda know the scene around those area's .....
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    MikeD, I know the area particularly well and can assure you that the fishing in Mozambique is world class all year round - it is one of the most un-fished areas in the world. I have just come back from the Quirimbas (northern Mozambique) where I go regularly to fish. I have never seen a single fishing trawler there - Chinese or other. Where do you get your info from? There are a huge variety of game fish, such as wahoo, yellowfin tuna, greater trevally, and if you are lucky sailfish and marlin.
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