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Scuba diving in Mozambique

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Hello - has anyone been scuba diving in Mozambique, whats it like? I hear the reefs are in pristine condition and the water is warm - what am I likely to see there, and where are the best spots. I am ideally looking for a remote beach resort with access to some good scuba diving or snorkelling. But also with a proper reputable dive school. Please let me know if you can help! S.


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    i have a friend who works for a dive school in vilanculos and have heard that the diving there is great! sorry i can't give you more details but i hope this is a good starting point...
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    hi, i was in Mozambique last year and had a great time. Although i am not a diver, my fellow guests had some superb diving experiences. I can definitely help you in planning this trip. FYI, I am also a travel agent specializing in remote destinations.
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    Hi Suzie. You should consider going to Vamizi, its a beautiful unspoilt island with a 12 room lodge in the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique. The diving is amazing. The place is seriously luxurious, but has prices to match.
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    Hi Suzie!

    I too have been to Vamizi- I have been diving all over the world, and there are few other waters which surpass the Quirimbas archipelago! The water is absolutely crystal clear and the reef supports such a wealth of marine life- it truly blew me away. I treated myself to a few nights at Vamizi Island Lodge ( Like the guest said above, it is seriously luxurious, but it's truly out of this world!
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    Hi Susie. I am back visiting the States from Mozambique where I work as a dive instructor at Quilalea ( The comments about Vamizi are true the North of Mozambique is amazing for its healthy reefs and bountiful fish. This is due to the sparse population in the area. If you want to see whale sharks, manta rays, sharks and lots of South Africans go to the south. If you want to feel like you are the only diver in the sea come to the north.

    The water temp is warm 25 C in Aug to 29 C in Dec. My personal favorite time to dive is Aug - Oct because of the migrating Humpback whales. What you can expect to see: Napoleon Wrasse, Turtles, Dolphins, Giant Groupers, giant Trevally, Queen fish, schools of Fusiliers, Amazing macro stuff...

    The dive operation at Q is a PADI resort center and we do what I call boutique diving; small groups with a maximum of 4 guests per group (usually only 2) dive times coordinated with the optimum tide, dive sites selected to your skills and interests. And if you want to improve your dive or UW photo skills there is a veery patient and knowledgeable instructor, me.

    If you have any specific questions shoot me an email at [email protected]

    All the best,

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