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Gulet Excursions From Marmaris

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Hi. We are booked to go to Marmaris for seven days on 7th October and, as we usually do when we are on holiday, we are planning to do at least one multi day trip (we are not ones for staying in the same place for too long).
Having read the Lonely Planet guide I see that there is the possibility of taking a short (two, three or four day) gulet cruise from Marmaris.
We usually arrange our own trips when we get to our resort as we object to paying the ridiculous prices that the tour companies charge.

Given all that can anyone please let me know:

1. How easy it is to do this in Marmaris?
2. How much it is likely to cost?
3. What to look for when deciding which local operator to go with?
4. How do we get back if we take a "one way" trip, e.g. one ending at Fethiye for example?

Many thanks in advance.


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    Yes you probably can take a short cruise from Marmaris but do be aware that by October the weather is closing in - daytimes are lovely but nights are getting blooming chilly, especially out there on that there sea!!! Day trips I've taken at that time of year have been stunning up until about 4pm then you begin to need a wooly or hoodie. Also some companies may be winding down by then. If you did take a one way trip enquire at Marmaris bus station where the buses come in from mainly - yu can also book there for your return. Buses are great - very comfortable coaches and a great way to see some of the country.

    You're right it is usually better to book in resort - same trips but a much lower price!!

    How about considering the 2 day trip to Ephesus and Pamukkale? Usually a nice hotel and a great time of year to go to Ephesus. Less crowded and less intense heat. It's always hotter there being in a valley and a little further inland. The trip itself is fascinating going throught the countryside and real Turkish towns. Thinking about it you'd probably be there at the cotton harvest so plentyto see just from the bus windows.

    Just an idea!!! :o)
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    Thanks for that clarecg.
    The idea of a two day trip to Ephesus and Pamukkale sounds good.
    What would be the best way to do this?
    Do any of the local agencies offer this as a package or would we have to sort it out ourselves - not that that would be a problem?
    Can you recommend somewhere to stay overnight?

    Many thanks.
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    You can book these through the local excursion shops - sorry not sure of the price this year but it usually includes entrance fees to both sites, lunch on both days and dinner on the overnight stay. Hotel is also included- often quite basic but you are only there for one night! There is usually a stop for breakfast on the way which you pay for - generally a buffet style place.

    You could hire a car and do the drive yourself but it's quite a lot of driving in a couple of days. Roads are fairly straight forward and "main". But I always enjoy the coach trip as you get chance to see more of the country without worrying about driving as well!

    Still do a one day boat trip though - a wonderfully relaxing day - sorry not very expert on Marmaris and have just realised I was last there 10 years ago..... but as rule of thumb go to where they leave from and book with the boat direct. You then know what you are getting. I prefer the smaller boats with less people on but by October I doubt any will be crowded.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time :o)
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    Thanks for the advice; it is very appreciated.

    Has anyone else had experience of multi-day Gulet trips from Marmaris? We would be really grateful to hear your experiences and any advice you can offer.
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