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Touring the 50 states of America

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Is there any Tour company that will set up a tour of all the states of America over a period of 2-3 months??


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    I would doubt that you could see all 50 states in 3 months even if a tour company committed to doing it. You'd be on the road every day, without stopping, and you'd never experience anything. However, if you want a tour company that will help you -- you might try the AAA (American Automobile Association). They might be able to help you decide on what you actually want to see. I'm an American and I haven't been to every state and neither have most of the people I know. Many of the western states are larger than European countries and take an entire day to drive through. You could go on Amtrak (the train) which would take you through many of the states on various routes, but not all of them. What do you want to see?
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    I agree with woodeye47. With the continental US being over 2500 miles (4000km) wide and 1500 miles (2500 km) high, that's a LOT of driving even if you'd do it on Interstates. Add to that Alaska and Hawaii which aren't part of the continental US (although you could conceivably drive thru Canada to get to Alaska -- Hawaii is not reachable realistically any way other than by air and then it's severals hours flight from California).

    A better approach would really be to figure out what you want to see and then determine if you wanted to drive/fly to those areas of the country. If you drive, you can pick up the states along the way that area reasonably in the path.

    What kind of trip are you looking to take?
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    I would buy a car - pretty cheap in the states - and do a road trip yourself. No tour company offers such an experience - even the Kontiki trips only do a maximum of 15 states over 4 weeks.
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    Thanks a mil! I think we're going to look in to buying a motor home and doing it ourselves over 6 months instead of 3. We might not get everywhere but we'llget a vast majority!!!
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    Hey! did you visit the US -states??? If you have, do share your experience, because it might be something different to know about continuously traveling through a majority of America...

    --Christine Wattson
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