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Offered: Personal Delivery to Sydney or Amsterdam

edited August 2010 in - Australia
Offered: Personal Delivery to Sydney or Amsterdam / Excess baggage delivery

I am flying to Sydney on 9 Sept and return to Amsterdam on 4 Oct (Malaysia Airlines). I will not have much luggage with me and can take up to about 15 kg of luggage for someone who needs a hand-delivery of something in Sydney, Australia. Alternatively I can deliver something from Sydney to Amsterdam for you on my way back.

I am doing this to reduce the pain of the cost of the flight. I have little money but lots of time.

I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands and am an Australian permanent resident. Extension for delivery to or from London or any other location in Europe is possible at a higher price.

The condition is that i must be allowed to see what i am transporting with me i.e. it must be allowed into Australia!

Let me know your thoughts on this! Contact me.

Martijn van Eijkelenborg
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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