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Help!!! Working with tourist visa in Egypt lead to trouble in future??

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I am an Indian and working in one of the biggest engineering consultancies in Middle East. I joined here almost two and half years ago. Me and my wife both are engineers in different streams. But we are working here with Tourist Visas. I questioned the concerned in my company couple of times but they are saying that the quota is over. My wife is a pregnant and soon we are expecting a baby. Now the questions are as follows:

1. Working with Tourist Visa here in Egypt will lead to a problem now / in future?
2. Recently National Security in Egypt has somehow declined to extend my wife's tourist visa and the company is saying we can stay here illegally as they will pay the penalty when we leave to India. In fact they asked us to visit India and come back again through the entry which they will provide. But i said we cant travel since my wife is a pregnant thinking that they will issue work visas for us. If we stay illegally and pay penalty, will this a problem if i want to visit any other county in future or will Egypt put me in black list?
3. If i stay here illegally, getting birth certificate and passport to my baby will be difficult? And do i need passport for my baby to travel from Egypt to India??

I know working with tourist visa is not advisable, but without visa everything is good here and in addition, we are in the beginning of our careers. Dont know what to do? Please help!!!




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    Why would anyone want to work illegally in Egypt is beyond me? I know several westerners who do it - but they do so in smaller organizations (such as tour guide, english teacher,etc.). Personally, as a working professional, I would strongly advice against it.
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    Bhaskar, are you willing to risk you wife and child to be jailed because since immigration is refusing to extend her stay it means they want her out before she can have the baby. why would you choose to complicate your life and the life of your baby as , baby will not be registered since both you and your wife are in the country illegally.

    My advise if that you leave as soon as you get a chance, tell your company to sort out your documents if they still need you back. Opportunities are endless if you fail to go back to Egypt you can try another country is not like your the compamy ou ar working for is doing you a favour.
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