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What should we pack for a trip to Morocco?

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How warm will it be in the desert from September 8 to 12? What exactly should we bring with us?


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    Excuse me for saying but the desert covers a very, very large expanse.
    Where exactly are you going, Erfoud, Zagora or pitching a tent in the middle on nowhere?
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    We will be leaving from Marrakech and following a route towards Toudra Gorges - Merzouga -Ouarzazette, I guess I didn't think about that part.... can you answer me on this?
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    If you will be staying in/near towns then they should have more or less of what you need.
    Bring sun block (spf 50+) and toilet paper plus plastic bags, you cannot dispose of loo paper in the desert.
    The temp should be more tolerant in September but if it get too cool at night, your trip organiser should have blankets at the ready for you. Not sure that you will need them but all should be planned for your comfort.
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