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Best beaches in Africa

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What are the best beaches in Africa? 


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    Hi Marlin

    There are many beautiful beaches to explore in Africa. At Go2Africa, we specialise in Southern and East Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands. For your idyllic beaches with long stretches of white sandy beaches and calm blue seas head for Mozambique, Mauritius or the Seychelles. These islands offer excellent snorkelling and diving. The Seychelles and Mozambique are the more rustic destinations, whilst Mauritius has more infrastructure and can be quie a tourist hotspot.

    South Africa has many beaches, and surfers head down to Cape Town, Jeffrey's Bay and Kwazulu Natal for the good surfing.

    Further north, Kenya offers the Mombasa coastline and Lamu island - which gives you a chance to experience the beach as well as the culture and history of these areas.
    If you're doing a safari in Tanzania, be sure to tack on a stay in Zanzibar. This is a great island to relax after your safari, and offers travellers a chance to experience more of the history and culture. For diving fans, Pemba and Mnemba island are brilliant.

    Which beach destination you choose largely depends on the activities and type of experience you are looking for. If you are visiting other areas of Africa, choose the beach location that fits in with the flights to avoid extra expenses and hassle-free travelling.

  • yeah, as she has said beaches are spreaded all over africa but choosing the right one for your activities and satisfaction is the point. Along the coast of Cameroon, ie Kribi and Limbe you will have a nice experience in surfing and meeting a natural environment.

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    Mauritius in Southern Africa is a great destination for beach lovers. It is like a heaven with many beautiful beaches. Some of the best beaches that must be mentioned are Trou aux Biches, Ile aux Cerfs and Pereybere. Trou aux Biches is the best beach among these for family holiday and diving.
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    the south African beaches Mauritius.slands in the Indian Ocean are home to literally dozens of picture-perfect beaches . this place is very attractive.
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    If you're looking for the best surf spots in Africa, I'd suggest a road trip along the east coast of South Africa, starting at Jeffrey's Bay, Coffee Bay, Durban, Ballito, then up into Mozambique to spots like Vilanculos and Tofo. Some truly stunning waves to be had there!
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    Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

    Well the one that my husband took me too I would not classify as a beach more like a large dirty sand pite water was grey not blue or green
    And be aware that you pay to go onto the beach in Nigeria where public (Hay) or private
    You will be harrased by locals and government officals so be advise take cash


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    Kenya has good beaches eg diani beach,nyali beach and jomo kenyatta beach. Visit kenya and you will enjoy the climate and the people here are friendly and social.

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    south African had best beaches for enjoying all of visitors come here for enjoy .
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    There are some good beaches in Africa but I like to go in South Africa during my vacations because it has some good beaches where you can go and enjoy your vacations at there. Mdumbe Beach/ Wild Coast, Jeffreys Bay and Willard Beach, Ballito are my favourite beaches.
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    Lamu Archipelago beach in Kenya. Lamu is an archipelago of islands located off the coast of Kenya, north of Mombasa. The beaches of Shela on the main island offer the quintessential Indian ocean beach ingredients, white powdery sands, excellent snorkeling and clear, blue waters. Lamu Town is a UNESCO World heritage site and one of Kenya's oldest towns, settled by the Swahili seven hundred years ago. It's quiet, narrow streets are fascinating to explore and the fact that there are no cars on the island just makes it very enjoyable. Take a Dhow and explore some of the other islands, Kiwayu is a real gem.
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    Africa is among one of the country which has large no of beaches. Where you will be going in Africa plz be spcific. but the best beaches are
    Mnemba Island, Tanzania
    Boa Vista, Cape Verde
    Diani, Kenya
    Trou aux Biches, Mauritius
    and many more
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    Thanks to giving information about Beaches of Africa.
  • Like Asia, Africa is also a good destination for beautiful beaches. The best and most visited beaches of Africa are:

    Curralinho Beach, Boa Vista, Cape Verde
    Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar
    Likoma Island, Lake Malawi
    Port St Johns, Wild Coast, South Africa
    Trou aux Biches, Mauritius
    Lamu Archipelago, Kenya
    Mnemba Island, Tanzania
    Bom Bom Islet, Principe
  • There are some attractive Beaches in Africa:
    1:Mnemba Island, Tanzania
    2:Boa Vista, Cape Verde
    3:Jeffreys Bay 
    4:Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar
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    Mauritius is the best one I've been in Southern Africa. Perfect for beach lovers.

  • Mauritius is not in South Africa, it is an island and a republic in its own right situated in the Indian Ocean over 2500 miles from South Africa.
  • Mauritius is off the coast of Madagascar, in the southern Indian Ocean. I'm not sure I would say it's off the coast of southern Africa, but it is considered part of that region. Either way, the beaches are beautiful!
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    Cape Town has really spectacular beaches with amazing settings, particularly on its Atlantic seaboard - Llandudno, Camps Bay and the Clifton beaches. Cold surf though. Mozambique it incredibly unspoilt, particularly as you go further north. Amazing white squeaky beaches and beautiful warm turquoise waters. Go to for some nice pics. 
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  • One of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa takes place in Cape Town, it is Clifton beach and it is known to be the fourth most awesome beaches of the world. If you want more information beaches in Cape Town.

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    Joe, have you ever been there? Clifton is actually made up of four separate beaches, all accessible by narrow staircases that wind around the luxury homes that take up the beachfront of Cape Town. Hard to find unless you're with a local and almost impossible to get parking when the weather is noce! Frankly, the water is freezing and it's far from the best beach in Cape Town... but there's plenty of competition there. If you're after beaches, we've got plenty!
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    Guys! I like your views about Africa tourism. It is really a
    good destination for beautiful beaches. According to my point of view top 7 beaches
    of Africa are:

    1. Clifton, Western Cape
    2. Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal
    3. Llandudno, Western Cape
    4. Durban North Beach, KwaZulu-Natal
    5. Cape Vidal, KwaZulu-Natal
    6. Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal
    7. Blouberg, Western Cape

    To get more information about its beaches visit:

  • Durban North Beach is nice for an urban beach, with wide, flat sand and plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby. There's even a (slightly decrepit) amusement park, and some good surfing all the way down to South Beach and Vetch's Pier. Just don't go there after dark, as it isn't safe.
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    Anya K!
    I am interested to know about your favorite attractions and things to do at the Durban North Beach. I believe
    that by others experiences and view you can learn a lot about anything and to
    discuss different attractions is my passionate hobby.

  • Well I have to say that some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa are here in north africa in Tunisia. The extreme north coast has Tabarka with a long stret h of sand and is pristine. Nearer in the region of Bizerte there is Rafraf and then there is the beach of Sidi Salem close to the city centre but when the water of the med is sparkling in the sun, there is nowhere else I would rather be...forget the tourist resorts
  • Cape Town has incredible beaches, particularly on the Atlantic seaboard - Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno, but the water is freezing. Those on South African's garden route are pretty nice, not so spectacular but warmer water. Mozambique has some of the very best beaches in Africa and the world particularly as you go further north, where the sea is less choppy and the beaches are almost deserted. White powdery sand, turquoise sea, all the clichés... 
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    Africa has number of good beaches. I had been in Africa couple of years ago. I love Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles. It is world's most photographed beach. It has perfect white sand beach with water so exquisitely turquoise
  • Jerry's right in suggesting Anse Source d'Argent - it's definitely up there with the best!

    Trip Advisor also recently named Anse Lazio, on Praslin, as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and the Seychelles offer a number of other great options such as the gorgeous Anse à La Mouche on Mahé, or the buzzing Beau Vallon Beach, also on Mahé. Anyone looking for a great African beach won't be disappointed in the Seychelles.
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    Africa has beautiful beaches, if you are planning to come down to the West Africa, especially Lagos, there are man made resorts and beaches you would love.
  • i would recommend you to visit Zanzibar
  • Hello! Beaches in Zanzibar are absolutely fantactic! Perfect sand, perfect sea. that's all))))
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    In Africa continent, there is Mauritius (which is found in the Indian Ocean) also has excellent beautiful beaches all around the coast. The most best beach is at the north of the Island, it is called Mont Choisy Beach. And the longest beach is found at the west side of Mauritius, it is called Flic en Flac public beach. There is also a kite spot beach in the complete south east of the island, named Le Morne beach. Then continue to south east there is called Blue Bay beach where there is a Marine Park, they say that this marine park is the best one in the Indian Ocean. Then remain the east side of Mauritius name is Belle Mare beach (most of the European tourist like to stay in that region). Anyway, Mauritius has many beach all around the coast. So what ever the place you are staying you can go to visit these beautiful sandy beaches. as Mauritius is a very tiny island, so transport in Mauritius is not an issue. You can visit all these beaches on full day tours. Even on your arrival to Mauritius in the early morning, you can pay your taxi driver a surplus money, ask him to bring you to see some beaches on the way to your hotel. Because road from the Mauritius airport to any hotel in Mauritius is not complicated, the raods are all straight forward. So always when thingking Africa, think to have some days nearby that is in Mauritius.
  • There are many beaches in Africa some of them are Mnemba Island, Tanzania, Bom Bom Island, Príncipe, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique, Anse Source d'Argent, Seychelles and much more.
  • Santa Monica Beach, Nungwi Beach, Anse Georgette, Anse Coco Beach, Anse Source D'Argent etc are the top rated and most known African beaches.
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    Africa is one of the beautiful travel destination all over the world. Here are some best beaches to visit in Africa : -

    1) Bazaruto, Mozambique
    2) North Island, Seychelles
    3) Diani, Kenya
    4) Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast
    5) Santa Maria, Cape Verde
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