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Take me Back to the Caribbean

edited August 2010 in Caribbean
Hello All,
I just recently got home from my vacation to Aruba!! It was SO Much Fun!! I met some really interesting people while relaxing on the beach! We ended up hanging out the whole time I was there, we pretty much had a week long party! We found a beautiful fresh water spring oasis near one of the hotels, It was the most amazing chill spot! Please someone, anyone, Take me back to the Caribbean!! I would love to go back to the Caribbean anytime! I had so much fun when I got home I realized how boring and pathetic my everyday life was! I want to LIVE Again!! I need to go back to the Caribbean!!

So if anyone is planning on going back to the Caribbean take me with you!! :) I don't eat much and I'm a really fun person to hang out with! I also know some cool hot spots on most of the Islands! I could be a party guide! ^^

If anyone else would like to go back to the Caribbean post here. Tell us all about how much fun you had, people you met, activities you did, and why you want to go back to the Caribbean!!

Also I'm serious if anyone would take me back to the Caribbean I would frigging love you forever!!
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