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Passport validity - UK visa application

edited August 2010 in Visa and Passport
Hi David
I am Nouaket carine a cameroonian applying for a student visa in the UK but My passport will expire on the 19/02/2011 and I have booked an appointment for the 13/07/2010. I have asked for my passports to be renewed but the cartons used to make passport is in shortage and the delivery will only be made on october date at which the course starts so I have decided to apply with the old passport and when the new comes out I would like to know if I can transfer visa to the new one and in case the new one is not out what shall i do?
Please I really need a reply i am desperate


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    the few cartons remainig are for ministers and they asked me 600 000 to make the new passport but i don t have such amount avalaible with since my account is being blocked for the 28 days period required by the british high commision
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    Hi - for most countries the visa is valid even if the passport has expired. So provided you have a new passport, the valid visa in your previous passport is still good.
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