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Wanting to Live in Wales

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Hello, I need help from anyone who can help me. I met a lady in Wales over three years ago. She is back in Wales now, and we have continued communicating via email and Skype for over three years on Jusy 2nd. It's now more serious and I want to move to Wales to be with her. I have checked, and I get so many different answers, but can I stay longer than six months with my standard passport? Someone told me that I can stay with her as her unmarried partner for 24 months if I apply and I am accepted. That's the first thing. Now....I'm about to buy a plane ticket this month. At first I was going to buy a one way ticket as I didn't plan on returning to the states, but someone has told me that when I arrive at Cardiff airport, If I don't have a round trip ticket, they will not allow me into the country. Is this true? So I guess I shall purchase a round trip ticket regardless which I don't mind doing at all. I plan on shipping some personal items like my guitar and my computer over there just before I hop on the plane. My plan was to be there before my items arrive in the country because again, I have been advised that if I am already there, and these items are my personal items, there is very likely to be NO CUSTOMS CHARGES on them. So that's it. Can anyone help me? I'll ask them again if it helps. #1) Do I have to have a round trip ticket to enter Britain. #2) After I arrive, can I stay 24 months on my standard passport if I apply appropriately. #3) Once my personal items arrive, are there cusotms fees if they are personal items that are only intended to be used by me during my stay? Okay..........I hope someone can help with a bit of this. Thank you Thank you Thank you..............Sincerely...............Charles Barnes


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    hi there, you can stay in Wales for 6 months on a normal visa, during your stay in Wales you can apply for an extended period of 3 months, after that you will have to prove that you are in a relationship with a welsh national to stay long term. You do not need a round trip ticket to gain entry. there are no custom fees payable for personal items that you may want to bring over, hope you enjoy your visit to wales.
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