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Is 'Side' or 'Kalkan' as cheap as Hiseranu in Turkey?

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I have just returned from Hiseranu and found it incredibly cheap! Ice creams for 65 kudos (about 35p), full day boat trip for 2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant was only £15 and that included lunch, eating out we spent on average £40 on an evening meal with beers & kids meals. We did not eat in the cheap restaurants, we only ate in the nicer looking and more professional looking set ups. I really found our money lasted. My question - is it equally as cheap in Side or Kalkan???


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    Yes it can be!!!
    I bought ice creams yesterday here in Antalya at 50 Kurus each so comparable and these were Magnum type available everywhere in Turkey.
    As you so rightly point out it depends where you eat - local places are usually far cheaper and much much better value. We ate out today - OK only lunch and it came to 8 lira for 2 of us and we're still full now at 10pm!!
    It's a case of looking around and not falling straight into the tourist "traps".
    I'm also guessing you booked your boat trip direct with the boat and not through your travel rep and that's by far the best way.
    Side has the advantage of being near a big city so prices are generally lower than some other resorts.
    Well done on getting such good deals :o) it's lovely to hear someone not complaining about the prices!
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    Thank you clareg, you put my mind at rest! Have you been to Kalkan too as there are loads of complaints that this place really is expensive!
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    Hi Birdy
    Again its a case of choosing the right places to eat and buying "local". Having locally produced stuff is always cheaper, and often better! For example a Walls branded Ice cream will set you back about 5 lira but choose the equivalent made by Ulker or Golf and its less than a quarter of the price. Look at a restaurant and if locals are in there it's generally cheaper. Also slightly off season is always cheaper than peak season. Make sure you have Turkish Lira as well as often places will use their own exchange rate - usually to their own advantage!! Don't fall into the first place you are "invited" into always check the menu, bar prices etc and if they offer you anything "free" on the door remember there's no such thing as a free meal!! Lots will give you a free drink or dessert after your meal but that is just good customer relations but not as a selling point if you see what I mean!!
    Turkey is generally cheaper than the UK and other European countries but all the tourist orientated places are more expensive than local places. Never book anything through your hotel or exchange money there. YOu'll pay over the odds and get a poor exchange rate.
    There's loads of good value goods to buy and places to go!!
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    Hi I am thinking of going to Hiseraiu for my honeymoon this year we have found a lovely place to stay but be for booking would like to know how far the high street is and how far a beach is. The place we would like to stay at is the Montana Pine resort. Any comments welcomed.

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    Not. Sure where these apartments are, but I can tell you that The high street where the restaurants etc are situated, are in the hills, Hiseranu is in the hills. The nearest beach is Olu Deniz beach And lagoon. There is a bit of nightlife down there too. Hiseranu to Olu Deniz on a dolmus bus is about 5-10 mins.
    Walkable if your fit as a fiddle but I suspect the incline of the hill/mountain would be too much for Mose people in the Turkish heat! Have a lovely honeymoon !
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    Hi Lucky, we have been to Kalkan twice. It is a lovely place. very pretty with lots of winding cobbled streets. It's very steep for walking but is small enough to get around easily. Yes we found it expensive compared to other resorts in Turkey. About the same as UK for food and drink. Waht i will say is that all the food we ate from the cheapest cafe to the dearest harbour front resaurant was excellent. everyone is very friendly and helpful. The booable trips we went on were brilaint and very good value for money. Have a look at or kalkan villas
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    Hi we are holidaying in Kalkan last 2 weeks in Aug and cant wait!!!!! The only thing Im worried about is will we have enough spends..... every site I look at says different things about the cost of food and drink. We fully intend to relax in ur villa and cook on the bbq mostly but do want to go out 2/3 times a week as well for a meal and a few social drinks. Any ideas on what is a reasonable amount for a family of 5. Thanks.x.x
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    Well depending on how big your children are and how much they eat!!! If they are young many restaurants offer a Children's menu
    Best idea is to really stock up your fridge in the villa with cold drinks etc as these are what really add up - also buy multi packs of little bottles of water, freeze them then you always have them when out and about.
    A little tip - chicken wings cost more than chicken breast here in Turkey particularly in the summer!!! Other meats are really expensive now. Lamb and beef is about £10-15 a kilo.....
    On the plus side find your local pazar (market) and the fruit, veg and salad is really cheap!
    Do you intend to hire a car? Fuel is very expensive here, so can make a big difference to your holiday budget.
    I have been in Turkey with my 4 kids, self catering and got by on as little as £500 - but that was a few years ago!!!
    Things that are expensive are meat, fuel, alcohol and imported foodstuffs and goods. Although there are some nice wines in the supermarket at around 10-12 lira a bottle.
    Cheaper brands of soft drink are Yedigun (Fanta type in several flavours, the mandarin is really nice) camlica ( a sort of cream soda but also in orange) Kola Turka (cola). Lots of nice fruit juices as well.
    A loaf of bread is under 1 lira.
    Rice, pasta etc is pretty cheap as well.
    If you can't live without your favourite cuppa bring tea bags with you as the nearest here is Lipton's Yellow Label. Worth throwing one of the refill bags of instant coffee in your luggage as well. I always used to bring a few packs of breakfast cereal for the kids - out of the box the weight isn't too bad and useful for breakfast ;o) and snacks.
    Hope you have a great time
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