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Skopelos in September

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I am thinking of going to Skopelos in Greece for a fortnight starting 18 September. Would it feel as if everything is closing up and would there be a higher chance of rain than if I went in the first two weeks of September?


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    Skopelos is a popular island so nothing will be closing up until October.
    In addition, Skopelos is really close to Volos - which means alot of people use it for long-weekends during the whole year.
    The difference between the first two and the second two weeks of September is actually the crowd. The first two weeks, you'll get to see how popular Skopelos is, the island will be still full of people.
    During the second two weeks, the island will look alittle bit more calm down.
    But, if you are coming during weekend, you probably won't even notice it.
    Rain is not an everyday reality for Greece, but Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonisos are more used to is that all the other greek islands.
    However, i don't think that it will rain then..or not all the days, at least. Rain is not something that can destroy holidays in Greece - that's a rule. Unless, you are unlucky (which I hope you are not)
    But, you can not never trust the weather, so don't plan your holidays depending on the weather
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