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Can a 16 year old fly alone?

edited September 2010 in - Canada
I am I 15 year old British Born Male.
I am wanting to travel to Canada to visit a friend sometime in 2011.
By then I will be 16 years old.

Will someone please tell me;
1) How old I need to be to fly alone.
2) How much a return flight may cost.
3) Visa and Passport information.

I would be very grateful.
Kind Regards.


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    hi same hear
    1) you need to be 16 or over must
    2)it wont cost more then 200pound
    3)same as returning
    4)you will need the passport, the ticket and your evidence supporting your passport.
    e-mail= [email protected]
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    If you haven't left yet, you might as your friend to send you an invitation letter (even email), with the address and phone number where your friend lives (and where you would be staying while in Canada). If that friend is also 16-ish, it might be best to have his parent or guardian write the letter. Also, get yourself some travel insurance (medical and travel interruption).
    [email protected]
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