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Safety in Indonesia

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I have a friend who is from Indonesia and she will be flying back there in July and offered to take me with her and her family. I am a caucasian female and while I do not want to pass up this chance of a lifetime, I also do not want to compromise on any safety issues that might come into play while abroad. could anyone inform me as to the security risks and safety of traveling to Indonesia? Thank you.


  • Indonesia by and large is safe, but the country is so vast and different there are definitely things to avoid. As your friend is from Indonesia Im sure she will know how to be safe. Jakarta is a slum and crime is common, just make sure to not walk alone at night. Both the passenger ships and airplanes have terrible safety records but accidents are few and far between. Flying on an international carriers is always fine. Some more remote places are just so confused by girls travelling on their own that frequent stares and coments may look threatening but they aren't. Mostly you should be concerned about eating unclean foods, which although isn't life threatening is unpleasent. The reasons to go to Indonesia are much much greater than the safety concerns to not. If you write back with a travel plan i can help you more.
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    I'm Indonesian and currently living in Japan. My family is still in Jakarta, Indonesia. My husband is from USA. I took my husband and our kids to Jakarta to visit my family back in Feb 2006 and then June 2008. Both times we stayed 2 weeks there. Basically Jakarta is safe. Sure, there are demonstration every now and then, but if your friend is Indonesian, I am sure she knows how to be safe (just like AlexanderStone said). Food is amazing!! My husband loves Indonesian food. The only thing he was cranky about was the water. Make sure you don't drink the tap water (tap water is not clean!). Do not buy any bottled water from any street vendor, always buy bottled water from supermarket. Shopping malls are everywhere. It's better if you avoid walking alone in the dark steet. If you want to go to Jakarta, I recommend you to take international air carrier. My husband never wants to fly to Indonesia with any Indonesian air carriers since they have terrible safety records (in 2006 we flew Japan Airlines and in 2008 we flew Cathay Pacific). The climate there is like summer all year long, hot and humid. Overall, you will have a good time in Indonesia. If you have more time, ask your friend to take you to Kampung Sampireun in Garut, West Java. It's a hidden gateway. Takes about 4 hrs drive from Jakarta. I took my husband and kids there and they really had a good time. You can read about Kampung Sampireun at

    Hope this helps and have a great trip to Indonesia.
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    Hi there, I'm from Bandung Indonesia.
    My advice is : Directly Go To Bandung.
    In Bandung, you don't have to care about all the things that you affraid of.
    In here, you just be your self.
    You have my word.

    if you like to ask anything about Bandung, just give me a buzz : robin_badoet (YM)
    or ask anything about Bandung from my blog :

    regard, Agung
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    First, determine if your "friend" is really that or only a casual acquaintence known for a short time; then give your trust accordingly. Traveling in an Islamic country can present special challenges for female travelers. If you want to go about unnoticed and unharrassed; Dress Conservatively. Save the shorts, halter tops and unnecessary showing of skin for your trips to the beaches. Except in the commercial areas of large cities it's best to plan your outings with another person, male or female. Outside the major cities If you go about alone you will be scorned and may be openly harrassed. Only extreme stupidity on the part of a lone female will result in an assault. Some time ago I spent six months backpacking throughout Indonesia. I encourage anyone to visit this beautiful country and wonderful people. Just respect the culture and basic Islamic values and you'll have a great experience.
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    hi there,

    I'm planning to go to indonesia, bali in particular in May for 2 weeks. Is it hot there at that time, how's the weather? and another thing, is it easy to find hostels in bali, cheappppppppp ones? would 200 pounds be enough to survive there, just for food and accommodation, perhaps some surf lessons as well.

    help please
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    Hi Sofia,

    Bali is very nice place. If you check in the net, it is chosen as the best island in the world for consecutive years (last was in 2008).

    Yes, Bali gives you option, whether you will go in budget or in exclusiveness.
    There are many hostels in Bali with considered very cheap with good access to the Kuta Beach, with amazing and perfect waves for surfing.

    So, go ahead. Have fun there.
    I have been there for 5 times, and I said to myself : "I'll be back!!!"

    If you need more info, buzz me at iwan_iwan_fb(at)yahoo(dot)com
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    hi there,
    i'm planning to go to Indonesia for 10 days in december. Can someone give me advice for a romantic place on Java?
    and what the prices there for travel inside Indonesia?
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    We are planning a trip to Bali and will be staying at the Green Garden Beach Resort and Spa in Kuta- Most airlines that I've noticed offering the cheaper flights to Kuta are landing in and using Jakarta airport. We wanted to land in Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar. Is there something wrong with that airport? I have also heard as far as taxi's go, the blue ones are the most reputable. Is this true?
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    The taxis at and the Ngurah Rai airport are all prety reliable, just make sure you get one that is from a registered company, ad make sure you set a price before you leave to avoid rip offs as most taxis dont have fare meters. Ngurah Rai airport is fine i persume that flights to Jakarta airport are cheaper because thats were all the business centers are so there fore have more flights going in and out.

    have a great time and ignore the stories as most bad things are isolated events
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    Im thinking about going to teach in Sidoarjo any advice?
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    Hi Davecat, Sidoarjo..hmm that is pretty is a suburb of Surabaya.alot of people work in Surabaya but they are based in Sidoarjo.there are nice neighbourhood in Sidoarjo but you can also stay in Surabaya and commute daily to Sidoarjo by train but don't expect the train has the same condition with the ones in Australia or even KL.You may write me to [email protected] if want to know more.
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    Indonesia is a safe country (i travel around Bali,Lombok and Gili). what is safety in indonesia like??

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    Any comments on Yogyakarta?
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    I am a Canadian living in South Sulawesi --- big island and many problems except in the tourist areas - know people in central and they say terroists - fanatics still exist there ---- there have been "demonstrations" in the past year where people have been taken out of their cars and the cars have been rocked --- if one gets in and accident then we are told to go to the police do not stop as the locals can be literally murderous.
    When we arrived in Makassar children showed us the bottom of their feet extremely rude behavior --- Makado is good Toraja is good Our childen have been pinched continually and been bruised ----- it is muslim country here and they do not like infidels and they let you know it During Idal fitri things get stolen often --- Bali good --as there are tourist police as well as police ever since the bombing in 2002
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