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Tunisia (royal kentz hotel)Bureau de change

edited September 2010 in - North Africa
I'm going to Tunisia with my husband and two daughters aged 16 and 21 in September ,does anyone know if the royal ketnz hotle in Port El Kantaoui has a bureau de change or if there is one near by that exchanges travellers cheques ?Also do the staff that work in Tunisia take sterling as a tip,till I can change some sterling to dinars?


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    I'm sure Sterling will be accepted but small change is not so easy to change for them, they will probably ask other tourists to change this into TD.
    Try to avoid trav cheques as they are increasingly difficult to exchange, you will probably end up going to banks as they are the only places who will be willing to accept; I hope you realise that these will attract high rates of commission unless they are large denominations in which case the commission will be somewhat softened.
    In general, all tourist hotels will have a B de C but as said, they will more than likely not accept TC's but will all other major world currencies.
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    hi is that right that i can use britsh pounds in tunis or is it just TND's everywhere.
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    GPB may be accepted in some places but it is not a secondary currency as with the Euro.
    Almost everything will be priced in TD's clearly as this is the currency of Tunisia, restaurants will probably have euros also quoted alongside TD.
    Furthermore, if prices were in Euros (let alone GBP) then tourists will quickly realise to what extent they are being ripped off; 80TD/£38 mass produced slippers for example or 40TD for a belt is not uncommon is Monastir.
    Tourists are fodder for the traders not only here but also in my preferred destination Morocco.
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    Tracey - all the hotels will change your foreign currency for you. You should use only Tunisian Dinar, it is very rare for anyone to accept any foreign currency. We do not use Euros, this is a myth............we use only Tunisian Dinar. If you are unsure of the exchange rate when buying anything then use the 2:1 as at the moment you can buy TD2.000 for every GBP1.00. If you have a key card or credit card from your bank then you can use any of the ATM scattered around. Be aware though of the charges you may incur from you bank for this service.

    PEK is a purpose built tourist area so be prepared to pay more there than many other places. If you want to do some shopping then go into Hammamet to the medina, you can negotiate with all the traders. Yes, you will be charged more than the locals but if you start by cutting the price in 1/2 then you will both have a good experience.

    I hope you will enjoy your time here.
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