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Raymond Ragi still on the prowl

edited September 2010 in World Wide
I have just met ONLINE a scammer named Raymond Ragi -----greatsmile047------ I noted right from the start that sometimes, his grammer, punctuation changed from E-mail to E-mail. I had decided that he was a prisoner, and he and several other inmates were having a good time trying to play me. I did a search for a Raymond Ragi brand, and I found this site! I have been communicating for him less than a week.

He is in FL putting in a bid on a mall, but the company is giving him a hard time. He was instantly off the chat line when I asked him if he had a construction company.

By the way, I am not able to pull up his profile now!! If I hear from him again, I intend to play him along.

I felt as though something was not right from the first contact.


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    I have been in contact with this person too and he says he's in Africa after giving me his overseas phone number and trying to get me to send money to africa I havetold him do you stop these guys...this is the second one I have found all on
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