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VISA expiration question for China

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What is the required time limit on a VISA from USA to China PRC? My VISA is approved until the end of 2010. I have a trip scheduled from 23 September to 16 October 2010. Is this covered by my current VISA?


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    Hmm, Wallace, it is a little confusing to answer your question because I am not sure of what you meant?

    Have you got a China Visa which expires in the end of 2010, or you do not have the China visa now, and the Visa will only be given until the end of 2010 and your tour schedule is for Sep. and Oct.?

    If you do have have the China Visa on hand, you can not enter China for a tour, but you can try to arrange the Visa in some arrvial city like Hong Kong in China, which means if the tour date is urgent and you need to come to China first without Visa, you can think about arrive in Hong Kong then follow up to apply the Visa there.
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    When does the duration of stay in a country start to count: the exact day of entry or when your stay equals twenty four days?
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    You will need to look at several details:
    • Visa Expiry: I take it you mean yours expires at the end of 2010. If so, no problem.
    • Number of entries: If only one or two, have you used these already? If multiple entry, no problem.
    • Duration of each stay: Sometimes there may be a restriction of the length of each stay. The minimum is usually 30 days so your trip should be ok.
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