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Decide between New York City or Paris?

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I'm flying from Africa to the US for Christmas and it looks like I have the choice of a one day layover in either New York City or Paris. I'm pretty well-travelled, but I've never been to either city. How do I decide? Help!


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    Both the cities are great but I suggest you to visit Paris. It is the most romantic city full of varied cultures. I love it for its museums (Louvre and Pompidou), stunning pieces of architecture and sidewalk cafes.
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    New York City - no question about it! Paris is pretty disappointing in reality, but New York holds up to any expectations. Plus its a great city to explore in 24 hours because it's compact and easy to get around. As for great art, its a tough call, but the Met in New York is less crowded, pay what you want to access, and full of treasures!
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    Both are absolutely great but I would suggest you go to Paris this time. Lots of beautiful attractions are found in Paris also and you will definitely enjoy.
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    Just an update for you guys, I ended up going to Paris, but rather wish I had chosen NYC. I hadn't taken into account that I don't speak any French, and wandering around by myself felt a bit isolated. The lines for the museums were stupidly long so I didn't go into any of them, and it was a Sunday so all the stores were closed. It was a lot of fun still, and I'm glad to say I've been there and took some awesome pictures:-)
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