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do I have everything I need to be able to reenter the united states?

I have a question - I am going to Aruba Feb 15 and have a stop for 1 hr 20 mins in Bogota Columbia and am returning to the United states Feb 20 from Aruba with a stop in Bogota for 3 hrs 50 mins. I am Departing from JFK and arriving at JFK. I have a Turkish passport and a United States Of America Permanent Resident Card, is this enough to ensure my ability to go and return . Just for my peace of mind I would like someone who knows to assure me that I will not have a problem coming home to New York. Both , Travelocity and Avianca Airlines say that this is all I need. Avianca suggested I call the Columbian embassy to make sure because situations change but everything was in Spanish . So here I am on line seeking affirmation that my Turkish Passport and Green Card are sufficient. Please someone verify that it is so. Thank you
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