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Cruise South Africa to UK

edited September 2008 in Africa
I have a retired couple that can go anytime in 2009 looking to cruise on a cargo vessel from South Africa to Uk?
Do you know who I can try?


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    Hello Adelle,

    Touch question!

    There are no longer many freight operators offering passage on the CPT-UK route. However, the cargo-passenger ship the RMS St Helena explores new horizons as she sails to the stunning South Atlantic island of St Helena. The RMS calls at St Helena, Ascension Island, Walvis Bay, Cape Town and returns to the UK twice the year. Packages can be adapted to anywhere from 3 - 34 days.

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    Other useful information can be found here:
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    Hi I know this was written a long time ago but I also need advice. My father urgently needs to get from South Africa to the United Kingdom. My sisters who are both care workers will travel with him as he currently is not mobile...

    Can anyone... ANYONE help me with contact numbers of ANYTHING traveling from S.A to the U.K. He can not fly as he only has 20% lung capacity and the Doctors will not allow it...

    Thank you
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